How Do I Install With AccuFill
  • EASY
  • SAFE

The Accufill system allows you to safely, simply and accuratley recharge the A/C system in your car. It measures what’s important, the temperature, not the pressure.


Step 1:

Locate the low pressure service port of the vehicle A/C system, remove dust cap. The low pressure service port will be located on the large diameter aluminum tubing of the A/C system, between the evaporator and the compressor.

Step 2:

Remove clear plastic shrink seal from trigger/Wireless Digital Monitor assembly. Unscrew trigger/Wireless Digital Monitor assembly from the can, remove clear plastic battery protector tab from Wireless Digital Monitor.
Note: You must know the ambient (outside) temperature near/around the vehicle before charging.

Step 3:

Reattach the trigger/ Wireless Digital Monitor assembly to the can, turn until snug then turn 1/6 of a turn to tighten. Gas may escape the can momentarily but will stop once the trigger/Wireless Digital Monitor assembly is tightened properly. Shake can well.

Step 4:

Set parking/hand brake on the vehicle.

Step 5:

Start engine and set A/C to maximum cooling setting and fan set on HIGH.

Step 6:

Flip open the Wireless Digital Monitor cap by pressing the release latch, remove Wireless Vent Clip and remove clear plastic battery protector tab.

Step 7:

Press power button to turn on Wireless Vent Clip, attach Wireless Vent Clip into center most A/C vent.

Step 8:

On the Wireless Digital Monitor, turn on the monitor by pressing and releasing the Display Power button. Temperature reading will be displayed.
Notice: The Unit Selection button on the monitor will toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Step 9:

Connect quick coupler to low pressure service port on vehicle.

Step 10:

Pull trigger firmly to begin charging the A/C system with R-134a refrigerant.

Step 11:

Using the chart below, obtain the Normal cooling temperature for the center vent, based on the ambient (outside) temperature at time of charging. The compressor must be running to obtain Normal temperature reading.

Step 12:

Pull trigger until compressor runs continuously or the recommended cooling temperature is displayed.

Step 13:

While adding refrigerant to the A/C system, hold the can upright while rotating (rocking) can sideways every 3 to 5 seconds. If the can feels empty, Invert can for 1 minute to ensure all the product has been dispensed. Release the trigger, check temperature reading. Compare temperature reading on display to Normal cooling temperature on chart above. If temperature on display is within Normal range, Charging is complete.

Step 14:

When charging is completed, disconnect quick coupler from the low pressure service port. Turn off Wireless Digital Monitor and Wireless Vent Clip. Insert Wireless Vent Clip back into the storage area of the Wireless Digital Monitor for future use.
Note: To ensure longer battery life, always turn off both units when not in use.

Step 15:

If A/C system still does not cool properly, have vehicle serviced by a professional Auto A/C Repair Center.

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